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Marktech Pig Tail emitters are well suited for applications where size is an issue but hermeticity and precise performance is required

Latham, NY, Marktech Optoelectronics is pleased to introduce its series of “Pig Tail” emitters. These emitters offer high reliability in a hermetically sealed metal can package for demanding applications.
These devices are approximately 2.0mm in diameter, less than half the size of a standard TO-18 or TO-46 type device offering the […]

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Mix it Up: Marktech Offers the Optoelectronic Customization You Need

When it comes to designing your new product or simply improving on an existing product Marktech can provide you with the resources you need from materials, packaging options, testing and expert advice.

Marktech Introduces new line of APDs

Marktech Optoelectronics is pleased to introduce its new line of Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes. Our APD’s have an internal gain mechanism, fast time response, low dark current and high sensitivity in the near infrared region.

Industry’s Smallest LED Light Ring

Marktech Optoelectronics, illuminates tiny spaces with these miniature white LED light rings. The MTLR series was designed for hand held instrumentation, evenly illuminating surface area while also allowing space for a miniature detection camera to be passed through the center of the ring.

Utilizing highly efficient LED chips, this light ring can yield brightness values […]

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Marktech Optoelectronics Announces High Speed InGaAs PIN Diode 1.7µm

Newest series of high speed PIN diodes packaged in a TO-46 metal can offer considerable improvements over the current offerings in the field of telecommunications
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Marktech Adds Miniature Point Source LED Packages to Growing Product Lineup

Point Source LEDs are designed to deliver precise and consistent performance in the most demanding applications such as high-speed optical encoders, linear positioning, optical switch and critical sensing applications.
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4 Ways UV LEDs Are Changing Our World

Many people associate ultraviolet (UV) waves with the sun–after all, they are what initiate the chemical reaction with melanin in our skin to create a suntan (or burn)–but there are many practical, even critical, uses for UV light that have been developed in recent years.

What is UV light?

UV light has a wavelength of 10 nanometers […]

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Marktech West Officially Opens Facility in Simi Valley California for Production of Both Si and InGaAs Detectors

Marktech West Officially Opens Facility in Simi Valley California for Production of Both Si and InGaAs Detectors
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Marktech Optoelectronics Metal Can Packages Incorporate Cree LED Die

Marktech's new high intensity LEDs, incorporating Cree die, are ideal for illumination in machine vision, scanning, and medical inspection equipment
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Marktech Optoelectronics to Introduce Photodetectors at Photonics West

New detector products join Marktech’s wide range of emitter sensors ranging from deep UV 280nm to 1720nm short wave infrared and InGaAs/InP epitaxial wafers from 1.0um to 2.6um.
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