Marktech, a premier optoelectronic manufacturer, offers an extensive lineup of standard SWIR (short wavelength infrared) LED emitters in a variety of packaging options. Products in this family range from 1020nm to 1720nm with operating currents from 20mA to 350mA and can be additionally sorted for specific wavelength or power requirements.

Infrared LEDs are used for a variety of applications including optical sensors and switches, medical bioflorescence equipment, and visual inspection systems. TO-5, 18, 39, and 46 metal can packaging can be customized to include up to 7 LED die in single or multiple wavelength configurations.

LED emitters in the SWIR range require specialized optical detectors as standard silicon detectors have a maximum sensitivity limit of approximately 1100nm.

Marktech also produces a line of InGaAs detectors that are optimized for sensing light in the SWIR range. These detectors can be obtained as an individual discrete component or combined with a silicon sensor to cover the complete spectrum of light from the visible to the SWIR range. Emission and detection can be customized as well into a single multichip package, which may or may not include additional TE cooling options.

Typical Industries Served:
Medical, security, military, communications, industrial, and agriculture

Common Applications:
Bioflorescence and blood chemistry analysis, night vision, safety equipment, currency validation, fiber optics, and inspection systems

See more near-IR emitter products and information on the Marktech website.

About Marktech:

Now celebrating its thirtieth year, Marktech Optoelectronics is a manufacturer of LED emitters, detectors, and sensor products. Marktech maintains an on-site engineering and design team with years of experience in applications and product design. The company’s only business is optoelectronics, and they take pride in their support capabilities, which feature a lab containing state-of-the-art test equipment, allowing Marktech to test and validate for all optical and electrical parameters. In addition to manufacturing and customizing LED emission and detection components, Marktech is a Cree Solutions Provider for their line of high-brightness LEDs and materials.